Sanitary Case Packers & Hygienic Pick-and-Place Systems

Building on a strong history of designing customized packaging solutions, our case packers and robotic case packing systems are engineered to help solve your specific packaging challenges. We've been supplying robotic case packing systems for over 12 years and have learned many lessons. We lean on our application knowledge along with a strong project management focus to help manage and reduce risk.

In today's dynamic business environment, we're dedicated to being leaders in the North American primary and secondary food packaging automation industry with a focus on case packers and robotic case packing systems. We're motivated by the principles of providing both cutting edge technology and faithful customer service.

Designed for high sanitary packaging environments

Our Osprey® case packers have been installed by many top meat, poultry, fresh produce and cheese producers. Sample applications include ham steaks, chubs, flow-wrapped packs, beef sticks and more.

Pick and place systems, tray loaders and more

We offer a versatile line of picking systems that can load products into a variety of package styles including cartons, thermoformed trays, MAP systems and more. Our picking systems work well for product orientation and can also perform functions such as stacking and grouping. Our tray loaders are ideal for loading hard-to-handle products such as hot dogs, brats and other sausages into foam trays. For applications where hand loading is the norm, our custom tray loaders would be an ideal solution for increasing output and reducing costs.

Our robotic case packing systems are built in the USA

JLS developed and installed its 1st robotic case packing system in 2002. Since those advances, we've become an innovative supplier of case packers for the food, pharmaceutical, and personal care industries. Our customer-specific robotic case packing systems are designed and built in our 105,000 sq/ft purpose-built facility in York, PA.