Food-Safe Meat & Poultry Packaging

We understand the unique challenges modern meat and poultry processors face. Our robotic packaging solutions cover various primary and secondary protein packaging applications. Made to get wet and never get tired, our robotic meat and poultry packaging solutions are washdown-ready and allow for proper equipment sanitation. 

Whether you are loading fresh chicken breasts or cuts of meat into trays or other packaging machines, JLS® has a food-safe solution that fills labor gaps while increasing throughput.


Solutions for Your Protein Product

Please select your general product below to learn more about our robotic packaging solutions for your specific application.

Steak Packaging

Fresh cuts of filet mignon, strip steak, sirloin, rib eye, porterhouse and more.  


Poultry Packaging

Raw chicken breasts, chicken sausages and patties, and chubs of ground chicken. 

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Sausage Packaging

Fresh sausage links, hot dogs, and chubs of breakfast sausage.  

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Pork Packaging

Fresh sausage links, hot dogs, and chubs of breakfast sausage.  


Bacon Packaging

Bacon bits, bacon drafts and fresh pork belly slabs. 


Ground Beef Packaging

Chubs and trays of fresh ground beef and beef patties. 


Meat & Poultry Packaging Solutions

From initial primary system loading through case packing, we offer a variety of hygienic robotic meat and poultry packaging solutions that keep your products wholesome.


Thermoformer Loading
Hygienic and accurate loading of thermoformers and vacuum skin packs. 

Tray Loading
Simple, sanitary and accurate loading of steaks, filets and chops into foam, corrugated or MAP trays.

Automatic Chub Loading
Automatic chub loading has never been easier. Load chub packs from 8 oz to 10 lbs in a matter of seconds with quick-change end-of-arm tooling.

Case Packing
Load flexible bags or stand-up packages into cases efficiently. High-payload deltas are available for large bags or pouches. Single and dual-head configurations available.

Sandwich Assembly
Automatically build various sandwiches, accurately stacking each component from the bun/bread to meat, cheese and other ingredients.

How Can We Help You?

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