Customer Focus

JLS is a customer-centric company. We embrace a collaborative process to ensure that our customers receive the best-fit solution for their needs, even if that means it doesn’t come from us. Our team of dedicated professionals is focused on supplying both high performing system automation and equipment that has the capability to stand the test of time. The JLS Customer Support Team takes over after the installation and startup process to address customer inquiries quickly and resolve problems with a sense of urgency.

Our customers value JLS Automation for more than just our products and innovative system automation. Our strengths are derived from our real world experience and our heritage in automation.

With JLS, you are assured:

  • A customer-centric, collaborative approach to system development
  • Design for Agility® philosophy, providing rapid changeover
  • Simplicity of Design based on fully leveraging robotic & vision technologies
  • Risk mitigation with phase zero project management process