Aftermarket Support & Service

Customer Support Options

Our Customer Support Team handles all elements of after-sale support including:

  • Spare parts kits as part of the installation package
  • Spare parts inventory control
  • Service agreements with periodic visits
  • Customer Training
  • Remote monitoring
  • Customized preventative maintenance
  • System auditing

Our CST works as a cross-functional team to ensure that a high level of response is provided for all incoming service or parts requests. CST is effectively the advocate for the customer within JLS and is charged with making sure that customer expectations are exceeded, not just met.

Real-Time Virtual Support

JLS Service and Support Technology-1

Ask us about JLS View, our mixed reality monitoring technology that virtually connects you directly with our team here in York, PA. By utilizing Microsoft's HoloLens 2 technology, our team is able to see exactly what your operator is seeing in real-time, allowing for instant diagnostics, support and training.

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