Hygienic Fresh Produce Packaging Solutions

Our robotic packaging solutions cover a wide variety of both primary and secondary fresh produce packaging applications. Whether you need to place cucumbers or peppers in trays, case pack bags of salad or other produce, we can handle all of the above, and more. Our robotic packaging solutions are made to get wet. High sanitary design comes standard on all JLS machines.

Sample applications that our robotic fresh produce packaging machines can handle:

  • Loading peppers into flow wrappers (stop light packs)
  • Flow-wrapped product into cases
  • Loading of mini-cucumbers into trays
  • Loading of cucumbers into wrappers
  • Over-wrapped trays into cases
  • Bags of leafy product and other produce into cases
  • Clamshells and tubs into trays
Robotic Packaging Solutions for Fresh Produce