Robotic Case Packers & Tray Loading Systems Robotic Case Packers & Tray Loading Systems

JLS' Case Packing Systems and Tray Loaders are Designed for Agility

Our "Design for Agility Philosophy" was conceived out of the recognition of constantly changing demands in our customer’s packaging systems. This awareness yields systems that provide broader product and package style capability with greater suitability for frequent changeovers, with minimum downtime. These benefits to "built-in adaptability" can't be found in traditional "hard" automated food packaging products.

JLS designs customer specific, robotic-based systems for primary and secondary packaging applications.

Our Robotic Case Packers and Tray Loading Systems Easily Integrate

We have a long heritage of providing advanced motion control and robotic technology for packaging lines, including integration experience with flow wrappers, vacuum packaging and MAP systems, cartoners, and pre-formed tray filling and entrée lines. We have developed our systems to the highest sanitation standards to insure superior food safety and reliable performance in your plant environment.

To best meet your operational and financial requirements, JLS can provide full turnkey systems or design a system to utilize and integrate with your existing packaging machinery.

Custom-Designed Case Packing Systems and Tray Loaders for a Your Application

We approach each project in a highly collaborative, customer-centric nature, with the belief that no one knows your business or your products as well as you do. Based on our real-world experience and technical expertise, we partner with you to develop the proper packaging solution for your application.

Typical Markets for our Robotic Case Packers and Tray Loading Systems

  • Meat, poultry, and dairy products
  • Frozen and prepared foods
  • Candy and confectionery products
  • Bakery
  • Wrapped and pouched products