PIVT™ - Automatic Package Leak Detection PIVT™ - Automatic Package Leak Detection

PIVT™ package integrity validation technology has been developed by JLS to address a growing need by our customers to validate the integrity of a package prior to food packing. Initially, the focus was on hot dog and sausage packages, but PIVT™ is now being targeted to several other package formats, including bacon, sliced meats, cheese, and other forms of vacuum formed packages.

Food Packaging Leak Detection System

PIVT™ is not one technology, but a combination of various technologies dependent on the requirement. Vacuum, vision, and several other sensor technologies can be integrated to detect seal contamination, leaks, pin-holes, and other elements leading to loss of package integrity.

Automatic Package Leak Detection

Package inspection is typically pass/fail, but in some cases, statistical information can be gathered and reported to determine online or offline process improvements. Rejected packages are typically not packed and flow through the system into totes or exit conveyors.

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