Talon® – Pick and Place Packaging Systems Talon® – Pick and Place Packaging Systems

Pick and Place Robots Designed For Agility

In today’s business environment, there is increasing pressure to produce "more with less" and simultaneously meet the ever-changing demands of your customers.

Recognizing these challenges, in 2002 JLS Automation invested its 50+ years of experience implementing Advanced Motion Control technologies to develop the Talon™ pick and place packaging system

These robotic-based pick and place systems were developed with today’s rigorous operational demands in mind. Since the Talon™ pick and place robot was designed to integrate with other packaging machinery, JLS can easily upgrade your packaging lines, utilizing your existing equipment, and maximizing your investment.

Products Packed with Our Pick and Place Robots

Easily Integrate Our Pick and Place Packaging Systems

Loading any of the above products into:

  • Flow-wrapper for Bagging System in-feeds
  • Vac-pac/MAP machinery
  • Cartoning systems (top load and end load)
  • Entrée packaging lines
  • Multi-cavity trays

Orientation and Collating

  • Stacking
  • Grouping

Product Inspection and Selection

Versatile Pick and Place Robots

  • The agility to facilitate multiple products, packaging styles, and fast, repeatable changeover
  • Designed to integrate with existing packaging equipment and systems
  • Easily configured for various plant layouts
  • Utilizes our proprietary VOB™ (Vacuum On Board)
  • Continuous and random incoming product orientation is accommodated with advanced line tracking and vision capabilities
  • Based on the ABB IRB 360 series, FlexPicker Insures Highly Reliable Performance
  • Designed to exceed the industry’s rigorous requirements for food safety

Advanced Functionality

  • Advanced tracking for continuous product flow. There is no need to interrupt product flow by stopping and starting the conveyor
  • Advanced Vision capabilities for random orientation of incoming product
  • A 4th Axis for end effector rotation allows for maximum flexibility
  • Vacuum and mechanical end effector tooling for any application

Reliable Pick and Place Packaging Systems

  • The IRB 360 is built using just a few parts, which is why up time is higher compared to hard packaging automation solutions
  • Fast - Short cycle times
  • The IRB 360 is developed for optimized short pick & place cycles. It readily handles 150 picks per minute. With tooling to handle several pieces in a single pick, the IRB 360 can handle in excess of 400 pieces per minute, depending on payload
  • Strong - Maximized utilization
  • The IRB 360 can handle payloads of up to 2kg
  • Robust - Harsh production environment
  • The IRB 360 is available in a stainless steel version, making it ideal for clean-room operations between class 2 and 3
  • Versatile - Flexible integration and production
  • As the robot is top mounted, it does not consume any additional floor space and is easily integrated
robotic based packaging automation systems

Fast and Flexible Pick and Place Robots

At the heart of the Talon™ Series cutting edge packaging automation machines is the ABB IRB 360 FlexPicker. The FlexPicker is the ideal solution in applications where objects need to be moved quickly and precisely from one location to another. The system is intelligent in that when the advanced vision capabilities are utilized, only acceptable product will be picked. Unacceptable product will be ignored.