VOB™ 2.0 - Vacuum On Board 2.0 VOB™ 2.0 - Vacuum On Board 2.0

JLS developed our Vacuum On Board™ technology to facilitate the use of high speed vacuum generators in primary food packing equipment and applications. Finding commercial sources with inappropriate performance and material characteristics, we developed our own single stage venturis. VOB™ has no moving parts and is virtually clog-free by nature.

The technology integrates well into most every tool that JLS builds for primary and secondary food packing equipment applications. Vacuum turn on/off time is greatly reduced and problematic vacuuming hosing and tubing is eliminated. Sanitation is simple as is tool changeover and there are no clogged airlines to contend with or clean.

Our VOB™ 2.0 was developed in conjunction with Penn State University, allowing us to facilitate new design parameters via a computer model versus trial and error in previous design iterations. More importantly, our air consumption has been dramatically lowered with more than a 50% reduction in actual field installations.