Bakery Packaging Solutions

Our robotic packaging solutions cover a wide variety of both primary and secondary bakery packaging applications. Whether you need to load snack bars into a flow wrapper, stack tortilla shells to be bagged or place cakes into cartons or trays, we can handle all of the above, and more. Our robotic packaging solutions are made to get wet. High sanitary design comes standard on all JLS machines.

Sample applications that our robotic bakery packaging machines can handle:

  • Tortilla, pita, flatbread and pizza crust stacking
  • Granola and nutritional bars into flow-wrappers
  • Cookies, crackers, wafers and snack cakes into flow-wrappers
  • Flow-wrapped product into cases, cartons or trays
Bakery Packing System

Our Robotic Bakery Packaging Solutions

We offer two main robotic packaging solutions for the bakery industry, which cover a wide-range of primary and secondary applications.

Bakery Packaging Solutions for Various Applications

JLS offers comprehensive end-of-line robotic bakery packaging solutions, which address a combination of primary and secondary packaging applications within a production line. For example, our Talon Robotic Pick & Place can be utilized to stack tortillas, flatbreads or pizza crusts which will later be introduced to a bagger. The Osprey Robotic Case Packer will then gently and efficiently place the bagged product into cases.

Our systems are extremely versatile and flexible. JLS ascribes to our Design for Agility philosophy which will enhance your overall productivity, virtually eliminates down-time via quick change-over design principles providing predictable/repeatable results following a changeover or at start-up.