Top 6 Reasons People Attended Founder’s Day 2017

What Attendees Are Saying:

Thank you Craig and JLS team for hosting this event. The event was fresh, eye opening, and educational. We had fun and the food was great. – Mark Vanco, REISER

Great group of suppliers, industry experts and customers collaborating and enjoying time spend together. The demonstrations by the JLS team and their partners were awesome and exciting. – Joe Schmidt – Territory Manager, REISER

  1. I really wanted to learn about the Next Generation of robotic packaging system.
  2. I went last year and learned a lot so was anxious to return
  3. I wanted to see the machine we purchased from JLS in its final stages of production.
  4. We bought a machine from JLS and wanted to learn what is new at the company.
  5. Our team wanted to visit JLS before we made our final decision on our equipment purchase.
  6. I wanted to learn about remote monitoring options for the JLS system I just purchased.