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JLS has partnered with Robomotion, located in Stuttgart, Germany to collaborate on high speed picking technology. Developments include such items as our Impulse Tooling, Line Simulations, and initial research on PIVT. Robomotion has significant experience in food handling applications in Europe and provides depth to the R&D efforts of JLS. Visit to learn more about Robomotion.

MD Packaging


ABB Robotic Packaging


JLS has been working closely with ABB since 2002. As one of their leading partners for Flex Pickers globally, JLS has developed relationships with not only the US management team, but with upper management in Sweden as well as Switzerland. ABB is the recognized world leader in Delta Style robots with over 6,000 installed worldwide. ABB also offers a full range of articulated robotic packaging systems for higher payloads and pre-engineered solutions for palletizing, allowing JLS to address all elements of plant automation for our customers in the Food Industry. To learn more about the offering of ABB, visit their website at:

ABB Robotic Packaging Partner