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Ensure safe operations and food safety with hygienic, custom vision-guided primary and secondary robotic packaging systems from JLS Automation. Our systems are simple and easy-to-use, and solve complex packaging challenges while tackling the strictest sanitary packaging requirements. From primary product handling and loading through cartoning and case packing, you can rely on JLS when performance matters.

Versatile Primary Product Handling

The JLS Talon® robotic pick-and-place system is a sanitary and versatile primary product handling solution. It ensures safe operations and food safety while loading raw or naked product into thermoformed packs, flow wrappers, MAP or foam trays, vacuum skin packaging and more. Talon never gets tired and is made to get wet.

The hygienic Talon features multiple levels of sanitary construction, making it suitable for the most challenging packaging environments:

  • IP6K stainless Delta robot
  • Proprietary sanitary Vacuum On Board technology
  • All stainless-steel construction and optional open frame design
  • USDA-compliant design for sanitary, wash-down environments
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JLS DH Ospey MAP 1

Hygienic, Accurate Robotic Case Packers

JLS Osprey® robotic case packers accurately place products into cases to maximize output. The Osprey is hygienic and features four levels of sanitary construction and loads a wide variety of primary packages into retail-ready or RSC cases. These include thermoformed packs, flow wrapped packages, MAP trays, vacuum skin packs (VSP), chub packs, bags, stand-up pouches and more.

Osprey case packers feature a high payload capacity, dynamic case management and several sanitary features, such as:

  • Motorized pick belts and conveyor stand-offs that prevent product build-up
  • Belt lifters for easy cleaning
  • All stainless-steel construction with optional open frame design
  • USDA-compliant design for sanitary, wash-down environments
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Next-Generation Carton Loading

The vision-guided Peregrine® robotic cartoning system features a distinctive and unprecedented construction for unparalleled carton loading. This high-speed system easily loads flexible bags, flow packs and other primary packages into tri-seal and other style cartons.

The flexible carton loading system minimizes changeover while meeting production needs for small batches. The Peregrine is ideal for several markets, including:

  • Bakery and snacks
  • Confectionary
  • Frozen foods
  • Prepared foods
  • Protein
  • Ice cream treats
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Robotic Packaging Solutions When Performance Matters

When performance matters, customers choose JLS for its hygienic primary product handling systems, case packers and carton loaders. Designed for sanitary environments, JLS custom vision-guided primary and secondary robotic packaging systems are user-friendly, easy-to-operate, fast to start-up, and ensure both worker and food safety. We pride ourselves on offering unrivaled partnership and aftermarket support to our customers.



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Our Customers Say It Best

Barron County Cheese

When Barron needed a sanitary solution to load cheese into a thermoformer, we delivered. Learn how we partnered with Barron and the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture to develop a sanitary solution that ultimately allowed the customer to run more efficiently and re-allocate labor. 

Just Born Confections

PEEPs are a challenging product to handle for automation. Learn how we not only developed a solution to gently load their marshmallow treats into trays, but the entire packaging line to do so from design, through FAT and installation.