Automated Sandwich Assembly Solutions



JLS’ robotic sandwich assembly solutions automate key processes, reduce worker fatigue, bridge labor gaps and boost productivity. They include hygienic primary loading systems that gently load sandwiches into flow wrappers and case packers that load them into cases or bags.


JLS_Automated Sandwich Assembly System_Cheese Placement3

Robotic Sandwich Building

Automatically assemble sandwiches. Accurately stack each component from the bun or bread to protein, cheese and other ingredients with the Talon® hygienic primary loading system.

Automatic Flow Wrapper Loading 

Hygienically and accurately load assembled sandwiches into flow wrappers or other primary packages. Experience versatility that allows for single layer or stacked sandwich configurations.

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JLS_Automated Sandwich Assembly System_Osprey3

Case Packing of Wrapped Sandwiches 

Gently and efficiently load flow wrapped sandwiches into RSC cases.

Stack up success with sanitary sandwich assembly solutions by JLS®


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