High-Speed, Sanitary Tray Loading

Tray and vacuum skin package (VSP) case loading is fast and simple with JLS Automation. Our vision-guided robotic case packing system automates your tray and VSP loading process while ensuring the strictest sanitary requirements.

The Osprey® system loads MAP trays and VSPs at high speeds according to preferred placement and product orientation into cases. The vision-guided, pick-and-place robot detects label placement on the bottom of each tray and shingles trays for perfect case loading.

The versatile Osprey uses high payload single- or dual-head delta robots with food-safe end-of-arm tools. Our system is easy to use, boasts a small footprint and is built to withstand operating 24/7 in washdown environments.

Robotic Tray Loading for Your Specific Application

Rely on JLS when performance matters. The Osprey TL can effortlessly load up to 120 trays per minute with an optional integrated friction feeder for several applications, including:

  • Ground Beef, Turkey, Sausage
  • Raw Filets - Steak, Pork, Poultry, Seafood
  • Frozen Entrees
  • Ready-To-Eat / Prepared Meals

Simple Design in a Small Footprint

The Osprey features reduced mechanical and electrical hardware to minimize maintenance and maximize up-time and reliability. Case erecting, loading and sealing are all decoupled to optimize system performance, flexibility and provide numerous layout options.

Case Management
Dynamic case management delivers high-speed, continuous case loading without accumulating product prior to loading. 

VOB™️ Technology
With our Vacuum On Board™ technology, sanitation is as simple as a tool changeover—no cleaning needed. Vacuum hoses, filters and blowers are eliminated for easy, efficient cleaning.

Sanitary, Accessible Design
An all stainless steel frame is standard and features smooth, continuous welds, sloped surfaces and open accessibility. Other washdown features include conveyor motors, stand-offs, stainless steel conduit and more. Open channel frame optional.

Quick Changeover
Change end-of-arm tooling in minutes without tools in three easy steps.

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