The Preferred Food-Safe Choice for Hygienic Thermoformer Loading


Thermoformer loading is fast, safe and simple with JLS Automation. Our vision-guided primary robotic packaging systems solve complex packaging challenges while ensuring the strictest sanitary requirements.

Load raw or naked product with speed, accurate placement and preferred product orientation into thermoformed pouches. A variety of food-safe end-of-arm tooling options, including vacuum technology, grippers and paddle lifts, tackle a variety of product shapes and sizes.

With our Vacuum On Board™ technology, sanitation is as simple as a tool changeover—no cleaning needed. An all stainless steel construction and open frame design allow for easy wash downs.

Rely on JLS when performance matters. Safely and efficiently place a wide variety of products into thermoformers, including:

  • Fresh & Frozen Meats - Sausage, Burger Patties, Pork Chops

  • Fresh & Frozen Bakery - Tortillas, Flatbreads, Muffins, Full Sliced Loaves

  • Seafood - Salmon, Other Filets

  • Cheese - Blocks, Sticks

Hygienic Thermoformer Loading Applications We Handle

Steak Filets 

Raw Poultry

Cheese Rounds, Block & Sticks

Burger Patties

Pork Chops

Tortilla Stacks

Sliced Bread Loaves


Seafood Filets


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